The Party Outback

April 27th, 2023 @ 9:00am EST

$45 - $225
Not on Sale
The Party Outback
About this event

North Carolina are you ready to party OUTBACK?

Over 20 artists are set to take the stage. Local, regional and of course national artists as well. Lots of more information coming. SAVE THE DATE!!

NU Breed & Jesse Howard

Petey Pablo

Craig Campbell

Justin Champagne

Justin Time

Lenny Cooper

Shawn Paris


Cypress Spring

Marshall Alexander

Scars Remain

Kendall Tucker Music

Black Water Suns

Strike The Tower


Muddy Bikini Contest (Hosted by Lenny Cooper)

Hosted by Taco, Officer Kingery, Officer Eudy, DJ Meanit, Rev John & Britton Emert.

Ticket Prices:
$99.99 Weekend General Admission
$45 Thursday Day Pass
$45 Friday Day Pass
$45 Saturday Day Pass
$225 Weekend RV Parking (With Hook Up)
$75 Weekend RV Parking (No Hook Up)

Children 10 and under FREE with adult ticket purchase

Join us April 27th through April 29th at Outback ATV Park in Laurinburg, NC.

Located in North Carolina but conveniently near the South Carolina border. This is a three day event with music on TWO stages. A variety of country, rock and country rap.

The venue is also an ATV park which means during the day YOU can spend time riding trails.

We are proud to finally announce that King Of the Deep will be hosting this years Bounty Hole Races at The Party Outback in partnership with Dirty Stripper Chemicals. Below are all the rules and regulations. If you have a question that is not answered below than feel free to reach out to King Of The Deep directly.
1. Tire Class Regulations
-1.1 Small Tire Class (STC) – 32-inch tires and below.
-1.2 Unlimited Tire Class (Unlimited) – Any tire size allowed
-1.3 If a machine has different tire sizes, the largest size tire will be used for tire class designation.
2. Class Equipment Regulations
-2.1 Naturally Aspirated (NA) engines ONLY for the Small Tire Class (STC), no turbos, no blowers, no nitrous, no stretches, no portals allowed.
-2.2 Tires can not be more than 12” wide for the Small Tire Class (STC)
3. General Equipment Regulations
-3.1 Definition of “Production Style”: As produced for and equipped on machines sold by manufacturers and their dealers (OEM), or be produced as a direct replacement for OEM the equipment.
-3.2 All machines must retain and utilize production Style ATV / UTV Engine, Transmission, and Differential.
-3.3 No Motorcycle, car, or truck engines, transmissions, or differentials allowed.
-3.4 Axle paddles are allowed, as long as the axles remain as Production Style for the ATV or UTV.
-3.5 Stretched or modified frames and tube chassis are allowed in Unlimited Class only.
-3.6 All types of tires are allowed but must be run in the appropriate class, as measured by the **tire’s actual physical dimensions, not the dimensions indicated on the side of the tire.**
-3.7 Maximum of 4 Tires are allowed on a machine at one time.
-3.8 No Tracks or track-type systems are allowed; all tires must be air inflatable tires.
4. Procedural Rules and Regulations
-4.1 All ages are eligible to run in the Small Tire Class
-4.2 Participants must be 16 years of age and up in order to run in the Unlimited Class on an ATV / 4-Wheeler.
-4.3 Participants under 16 years of age may be eligible to enter the Unlimited Classes on an ATV / 4-Wheeler WITH PRIOR APPROVAL.
-4.4 ALL runs are available for purchase at the time of registration up to the time of the driver’s meeting.
-4.5 You must run the original machine you entered into the event for any subsequent runs including second runs and run offs.
-4.6 If you’re not present and ready for your run when your run is up, you will be disqualified after 3 minutes.
-4.7 You cannot exit the hole at the starting-line once your run has begun.
-4.8 Reversing is allowed if a machine has fully entered the hole.
-4.9 Registration opens at 10:00 am, and closes at 11:00 am / at the drivers meeting.
-4.10 Registration for your classes and all runs must be purchased prior to the driver’s meeting.
-4.11 Driver running order will be drawn at random for each class at the driver’s meeting. Second runs will be drawn as a second heat to be run after all first runs are completed and id also drawn at drivers meeting.
-4.12 All drivers must attend the driver’s meeting themselves in-person. No rider representatives are allowed to attend in place of a registered driver.
-4.13 Unsportsmanlike conduct will be immediately disqualified.
-4.14 All pit official scoring calls will be made at their pit.
-4.15 “Floating” and “Skimming” are both allowed.
-4.16 There will be a 3 (three) minute time limit for each run.
-4.17 All competitors must start with the center of your tire on the starting line as drawn by the official.
5. Safety Rules and Regulations
-5.1 Side by Sides will be allowed *one passenger. ATVs are *not allowed any passengers.
-5.2 Helmets are required for all drivers and passengers.
-5.3 Goggles, safety glasses, and fire retardant suits are recommended for all drivers.
-5.4 You (the driver) must be present for the drivers meeting, and number draws.
-5.5 After registration, prior to the drivers meeting, you must have your machine(s) and all tires ready for pre-race inspection and machines will remain in the staging area and you may not leave pit area for any reason.
-5.6 You cannot leave your machine or touch the ground in a manner to support your weight or to advance forward progress at any time during your run, or your run is over at that spot/distance.
6. Timing, Measurement, and Scoring Regulations
-6.1 All runs are counted at the *place that your machine comes to rest* at the end of your run – reverse at your own risk! Driver’s must stop the machine when time is up or the driver will be disqualified.
-6.2 Runs are scored at the furthest forward point of the front tire that is visible, or furthest point visible on the machine that is used for a mechanical purpose will be used for distance measurement.
-6.3 In the event of a tie on distance, the fastest running time to achieve the distance will be deemed the winner. You must let the pit official know your run is over in order to stop the clock.
-6.4 Run time will start based on when the machine breaks the beams of the laser timers.
-6.5 The end of your run will be the point at which either A) the machine breaks the finish line laser beams B) Tell or signal to the pit official that your run is over or C) you come off your machine or a part of your body touches the ground in a manner to support your weight or advance forward progress.
-6.6 In the event that two runs tie on both distance AND time, the tied machines will go to a run-off, each getting one additional run, which will be scored on both distance and time. If only one machine can make the re-run, under that machine’s own power, the driver of that machine will be deemed the winner. In the event that both machines are broken and unable to make a re-run, the result will be declared a tie, and the points and prize monies will be split between the competitors.


Outback Atv Park
18576 McGirts Bridge Rd
Laurinburg, NC 28352
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April 27th, 2023 @ 9:00am EST
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